Patented MLE skin barrier technology
perfectly imitates the natural multi-lamellar structure of healthy human skin.
NeoPharm developed the long lasting skin protection with exclusive technology that is highly effective in forming a Skin Barrier for dry and sensitive skin.
Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested
Based on Prolonged studies, we developed the safe formula free from paraben, ethanol, PEG, mineral oil and colorant might be harmful to safety. In addition, Atopalm is a non-steroid product. It has passed skin irritation tests and has proven the skin safety by passing a safety test by RCH research institute that is a FDA accredited.
A global brand exporting to more than 10 countries
Our original technology of pseudo-ceramide and MLE has got patents form abroad and has applied for a patent in seven counties worldwide. Based on this technology, Atopalm is being exported to more than ten countries including USA,Russia and China. In return for the enthusiastic encouragement from customers as No. 1 ranked K-BPI (Korea-Brand Power Index) in sensitive skin care section for 8 consecutive years, it strives to create more quality products.