Derma: B - Reliable moisturizing solution based on the science of hydration by MLE® technology!
Step-by-step hydra-coating formula leaves your skin fully moisturized and healthy.
You check the ingredients of food labels before you eat, but why not check on ingredients before you apply them to your skin? We tend to use a body lotion once or twice a day. Thus, as much as it is important for our facial care, thorough and reliable moisturizing care is also crucial for our bodies. Our skin is always exposed to external stimuli: environmental pollution, stress, changes in eating patterns and living environments such as indoor cooling/heating by season. Every day, our skin becomes prone to dryness and becomes more sensitive. Just like we regularly pay attention to our eating habits and facial care, a little extra effort to fully maintain the skin and keep it thoroughly moisturized is a simple yet effective solution for enabling the skin of the entire body to remain healthy and offset any skin troubles in advance caused by external stimulation.
Derma: B is a body care brand specializing in a simple but reliable daily hydration formula for your body.
It is a safer and more effective moisturizing solution for your body, based on MLE® Hydration Science.
Body care is as important as facial care! Make a little effort to maintain the healthy skin of your body before it becomes too dry and sensitive! MLE® Hydration Science fills your skin with moisture from deep within, without the five harmful additives; it keeps your body fully moisturized and healthy.